The Veena Sings
Saraswati Rajagopalan’s Veena recital was a fine display of raga music soaked in melody and bhava…. and the result was exceedingly soothing Veena music savored by a large gathering of music lovers.
The Hindu – Mayuram. G. Swaminathan.

Voice like Veena
Saraswati Rajagopalan is naturally musical and not merely cultivated and trained and her technique matches the music values she most cherishes.
Dr. Raghava R Menon, Times of India.

Scholarly Veena Recital…..
Saraswati gave a scintillating interpretation of Raga Hemavanthi. Both in the vilambitha and durita sequences she was at her best. Dikshatar’s Kriti Sri Kanthimatim was rendered melodiously and in the swaraprastharas she exhibited her skill over the techniques.
Subbudu, Indian Express Chennai.

Flawless Technique…..
Saraswathi Rajagopalan, a Veena artiste whose art is steeped in classical moorings. The elaboration of Varali with many rakti prayogas played with composure and flawless fingering technique was a salad interpretation. The sweet tanam playing raised the listening ambience several notches higher.
The Hindu (Chennai)

Stunning Performance
The soulful raga played on the Veena by Saraswati Rajagopalan with fluent flow on the frets demonstrated her dexterity in the sangathis, sancharas and swaras. Saraswati soared effortlessly in her Kambodhi, scoring fine swara formulations.
The Hindu (Chennai)

Saraswati, rendition displays a grasp of diction in a style of musical calmness. She has been trained to communicate the niceties of veena artistry with sufficient attention to the aspect of ghamaka in a sweet and subdued style. Her Nuanced execution of the Bhairavi Swarajathi revealed her taste for the richness of ragabhava exposed by the piece.
RV: The Hindu (Chennai)

Veena Vani
Saraswati Rajagopalan of Delhi rendered a lec-dem on Saraswati Veena from which one can easily infer that she wants to reach out to the in depth of music and its tune. The quality of her music was capable of leading one towards meditation.
RK Das: Business & Political Observer

Fine Recital
Saraswati combined fluency and gamaka grace in her rendition/her kalpanaswaras had verve and elegance. The main raga of the recital was ramapriya, in the alpana of which Saraswati’s stress on the pivotal notes made the essay a thing of beauty.
MG Swaminathan (Hindustan Times – Evening News)